I imagine you might be thinking, "How would I fit into a Brethren church?"  While we are connected to a denomination known as The Church of the Brethren, we are simply a Christ-centered church that is open to those of all backgrounds, or even if you have no church background. Whoever you are, you are welcome!


The Church of the Brethren is one of the peace-oriented churches, like Mennonites and Society of Friends.  Our emphasis is to follow Jesus and the message of the New Testament.  The phrase that has been used for the Church of the Brethren is: "Peacefully. Simply. Together."

Basically we believe similarly to Baptists, Methodists, Mennonites and other Christian groups.  We believe that a living relationship with Jesus Christ is most important, as well as living out one's faith by loving and serving others.  Every so often we practice what is known as the "love feast," which is an expanded communion service including a simple meal, the bread and cup communion, and feet washing.