Church Board - Tammy Cartia
Tammy has been a member of the Church of the Brethren for years and joined our church when another closed.  She has served the church in child care, children's education and maintenance of the flower beds. During 2022 and the early months of 2023, she also served on the Witness Commission and in Nov. of 2022 took over as the Board Chair.  Her goal again is to reach out to serve the community and grow our congregation.

Church Board: - Tim Powell
Tim is working in the areas of maintenance as part of the Stewards Commission including participating in a search for new and replacement equipment.    He is now also serving as Vice Chair of the Board.

Church Board - Marshall Ritchey
Marshall is a long-time Church of the Brethren member.  While his career meant he was gone for long periods, he is now back in Pittsburgh and has been found to be with invaluable information on in particular the construction and maintenance issues at the church.  He has accepted a role added during COVID as research and presenter of a segment in our Sunday service entitled "The History of Hymns" and served as part of a committee working on a revision of the congregations Bylaws and Constitution.  Late in Nov., 2022, Marshall was elected to serve a one-year term as Board Chair and faithfully led us in looking for avenues within our community to grow the church.  We thank him for his service in this capacity.  Early in 2023, he began service on the Witness Commission.

Church Board - Jan Stauffer
Previously working in the area of building and property care, Jan most recently served us for three years as Board Chair.  Jan is now working with the Executive Commission.  As the initial contact for the Community Yard Sale in 2021, he again followed through with that success in 2022. He has also been our representative for Annual Conference and has assisted us with knowledge of some of the inspections due at the church as a once member of the Stewards Commission.. 

Church Board - Margi Furey
Margi is our creative and excellent meal coordinator, a much-needed and appreciated role in the church!  She also is gifted in decorating, and makes the inside of the church building eye appealing and yet serene.  In addition to serving on the Stewards Commission, she is now also assisting with the Head Start program staff, has assumed some of the church's financial duties and is able to provide a wealth of knowledge regarding our congregation. 

Church Board: Advisor - Rosalind Teets
Roz is the Church Treasurer.  She also acts as the Messenger correspondent and the Food Bank coordinator.  With her background in advertising, she has updated the Church Directory, is working on preparing a "Welcome" brochure, attempts to keep the website up-to-date and has started an occasional newsletter to those who are homebound/moved, etc.

Church Board - Greg Bowman
Greg has been with the church since he was a child and through the years has given of his time and talents in many ways.  The stained glass windows at the church were donated by his Mother, now deceased and he recently cleaned the protective coating on the outside of those windows in the prescribed manner saving us thousands of dollars.  We value, too his knowledge of the history of the church. 

Church Board - Larry Shank
Asked by then Board Chair Marshall Ritchey to join our meetings as Parliamentarian in 2022, he was elected to the Board by the congregation beginning for the 2023 year.  He led efforts to revise the Bylaws and Constitution with his knowledge of business practices and their relation to a religious community.