Church Board - Jan Stauffer
Previously working in the area of building and property care, Jan is now functioning as our Board Chair.  

Church Board: - Rebecca Stauffer
In addition to acting as the Board Secretary, Rebecca is also in charge of children's education for the church.

Church Board - Margi Furey
Margi is our creative and excellent meal coordinator, a much-needed and appreciated role in the church!  She also is gifted in decorating, and makes the inside of the church building eye appealing and yet serene.  She is now also assisting with the coordination of maintenance activities, acting as liaison with the Head Start program staff and has assumed some of the church's financial duties.

Church Board: - Pastor Dan Ishman
In addition to all pastoral duties, Dan's background in contracting and remodeling has proved invaluable as we both maintain and upgrade our property's facilities.

Church Board: - Angie Ishman
Angie works with education of the children at the church, assists with fellowship activities and is an active participant in congregant improvement activities at the church.

Church Board: - Tim Powell
Tim is working in the areas of maintenance including participating in a search for replacement equipment.  He will also be coordinating requested items for posting with his son Kerwin who will be acting as co-Facebook Administrator for the Church.

Church Board: - Rosalind Teets
Roz is the Church Treasurer.  She also acts as the Messenger correspondent and the Food Bank coordinator.  With her background in advertising, she recently updated the Church Directory, is working on preparing a "Welcome" brochure, attempts to keep the website up-to-date and has started an occasional newsletter to those who are homebound/moved, etc.